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blendtec = the blend tec guy - will it blend?

break = fails from break

crypticafv = americas funniest home videos

deathbyillusion = amusement park rides

devin super tramp = cool videos

failblog = fails from failblog

justforlaughsvids = just for laughs hidden camera pranks old ones

justforlaughstv = just for laughs hidden camera pranks new ones

lindsey stirling = violin music and dance

mesasquatch = messin' with sasquatch commercials

raywilliamjohnson = top fail videos

reponut = utah county repo man

sxephil = philip defranco talks about the news

theslowmoguys = slow motion videos

tobuscus = 3 videos - cute, win, fail

wtfailable - fail compilations

your daily laughz - fail compilations

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getting paid amazon reviews ???????????